Vinyasa Power Flow

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Our Vinyasa Power Flow classes are lively and energetic, synchronizing breath with movement

Build strength, flexibility, and concentration. Cleanse the body and calm the mind. Vinyasa Power Flow (Power Yoga) classes at Semperviva do not follow a set sequence of postures. Each class is unique and will vary from teacher to teacher. You can always expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work (pranayama).

Benefits of Vinyasa Power Flow

What To Expect

Most Vinyasa Power Flow classes are modeled on the Ashtanga style of yoga. The term Vinyasa Power Flow (Power Yoga) was created by teachers looking to make Ashtanga yoga more accessible. Modified versions of more challenging postures will always be given. Be sure to work at your own pace, and take breaks whenever you feel the need.

The term “Vinyasa” is a Sanskrit word used to define the sequence in the sun salutation series of… chaturanga, up dog, down dog, all linked to breath. This sequence builds upper body strength and heat in the body, while stretching the legs and relaxing the spine.

Vinyasa can also be found in classical Hatha classes where this sequence is used as a warm-up.

Heat is created in Vinyasa Power Flow classes (Power Yoga) through challenging work not by adjusting the thermostat as in a Bikram or Hot yoga classes.

The Bikram series is limited to 26 postures where in Semperviva’s Vinyasa Power Flow (Power Yoga) classes we will explore a wider variety of poses.

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