Yin Yoga for the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, when the benevolent light of our sun fades into illuminate darkness. We have finally arrived, after a long descent, to the axis mundi or sacred center of the Feminine.

The Solstice offers us a moment to pause in an otherwise active month full of festivities and celebrations. The still night calls us back to our inner work – where we recall the sacredness of the holiday season and awaken the divine light within.

We can honour this passageway with a deep meditative practice of yin yoga. Yin postures help us to balance the abundance of yang energy lighting up the city through the cultivation of receptivity and stillness.

True to the season, the time spent in yin postures draws us down into our connective tissues – our deepest physical selves – where we can navigate our inner landscape through the subtleties of sensation.

To meditate on your inner devotion to light, practice gomukhasana or cow’s face pose for four to six minutes on each side. Notice how it feels to unite the right and left sides of your body – the metaphorical opposites of masculine and feminine energies.

In this place of compete receptivity, in this union of opposites, we can then access the light within the darkness.

Remember the beauty of stillness and the restorative sound of silence this holiday season. Deepen your practice with guided yin yoga classes from our dedicated yin teachers: Bernie, Diana, Cameron, Joanne, Sarah, and Joan.