To Dance with the Dragon

Every first Wednesday of the month we are fortunate to have our great master teacher Bernie Clark lead us through the mystical and creative choreography of the Dragon Dance. The Dragon Dance is a fusion of Indian and Daoist Yoga, with an emphasis on the energy in the body. Even though we may not be able to see our inner energy, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. There are two things we do in Yoga energetically: we turn on the taps, the flow of energy within the body, and we remove the blockages. Through movement and breath we continuously create this deep connection to our self and to the source within.

The Dragon Dance is a great tool to get out of your head and more into your body, and into your centre. After a while, when you know the sequence, it’s simply just a dance, like a moving, breathing meditation, which helps you to come closer and closer to your true self, and to connect to the power and wisdom within. This practice is not just about being flexible in the body, it also teaches us to be patient and flexible in the mind.

And don’t worry, there is a very good chance that you will sweat. The dance is a harmonious balance between a vigorous practice and taking your Yoga to the next level in a spiritual manner. And if you are not into the chi ball, or energy work, just bring some ear plugs with you and join for the physical part. Your legs, and maybe your brain, might hurt a bit the next day, but through the great humour, deep wisdom, and the tremendous knowledge Bernie brings with him, the Dragon Dance becomes a magical and very unique practice – With the best Savasana you can ever imagine.

Come and check it out! The next Dragon Dance will be on June 5th, 7:30 PM at City Centre. I’m very honoured and thrilled to have the opportunity to teach it this month, filling in for my great and wonderful teacher Bernie.

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Sherine is originally from Switzerland and has found through Yoga and the beautiful city of Vancouver, her second home. She was drawn to the practice through the unspoken and unseen power behind Yoga, which was life changing for her. Through the practice, everything is possible: we open our heart and our mind to a greater purpose and a more meaningful life. After completing her teacher training, Sherine knew she wanted to share her passion and help other people connect to the healing and powerful energy of Yoga.