The Island of Aphrodite

One of the highlights of summer are the Semperviva Greece Yoga Retreats and trainings on Kythira Island.

Kythira delivers an authentic Greece experience.

Being a more difficult to reach island, (you have to take a small plane from Athens), Kythira has remained relatively unspoilt, with its lush nature, azure seas, stunning beaches and old-style, bustling Greek villages.

Myth names Kythira as the island of Heavenly Goddess Aphrodite and Eros. It is said that here, the people fall in love easily, with each other and the land itself.

Located in Southern Greece between the southern Peloponnese and Crete, it is a mountainous island with many valleys rolling into the warm, Mediterranean sea to form beautiful beaches.

The cultural heritage of Kythira is rich. The historical monuments reflect architecture of the Venetians, Crete and Mani. The Historical Archive of Kythira is the second most important after Corfu, keeping records from the 16th century. Byzantine monuments and British buildings adorn each side of each peak of the island. Undoubtedly, the most important place of pilgrimage and a benchmark of Kythera is the Holy Monastery of Panaghia Mirtidiotissa (Madonna), treasuring the island’s most sacred heirloom – the miracle icon of the Madonna, possibly one of Evangelist Luke’s works that was discovered in Kythera in the 16th century.

Doing a yoga retreat on an island like Kythira is a transformative and revitalizing experience like no other. Expect everything from healthy meals, daily yoga and meditation with our knowledgeable faculty (as well as master teacher, Gloria Latham), to seaside accommodation, plus plenty free time to explore all this beautiful island has to offer.

To assist your explorations we give our students a free car per every 2 people to tour the island. We also offer optional excursions that include cruising in the famous glass bottom boat, swimming in he crystal sea and exploring the caves in Chytra.

There are so many places to shop and explore, and you will discover the island’s special secrets around every corner.

Hora, the island’s capital glistens in blue and white from its perch atop a long mountaintop. A highlight is the 13th century Venetian Kastro overlooking the sea.

Potamus is a charming hillside village brimming with cafés and restaurants. Delightful Sunday morning markets attract the locals and tourists alike to sample wonderful food and wares. After shopping, head to the fragrant, flower-filled central square to enjoy a strong Greek coffee and sweet pastry, while people-watching.

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, the picturesque Agia Palata, a pretty waterfront village on Kythira’s northern port does the trick. It is surrounded by majestic cliffs and deep forested valleys. The vibrant azure sea is warm and calming. Wander a little further south to the spectacular volcanic Lagada Beach where you can walk for miles.

In Kapsali, the Pilgrimage of Agios Ioannis on-the-rock is a cave-church where, according to tradition, Evangelist John lived before moving to Patmos in order to write The Apocalypse.

You’ll also find that many of the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine churches around the island are open to visitors, some of them decorated with icons and frescos of incomparable beauty.

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