Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra overview

This training is for teachers who desire to offer their students an opportunity to dive deep into their own healing through a systematic method of conscious relaxation. The beauty of this meditative practice is that it asks only that you set an intention, lie down in a comfortable position and listen, to find restoration, balance and deep rest.

When we offer Yoga Nidra we are in the precious role of guiding people on a personal journey of discovery wherein the recipient has the opportunity to tap into new sources of energy and insight. Learning to hold a space for others as they journey is key to an effective Yoga Nidra experience.

In this training, along with a discussion on how to create and hold that space, we will also cover:

Course Overview

  • Yoga Nidra and healing
  • Yoga Nidra in the context of yogic philosophy; including the five Koshas
  • Western model of the levels of consciousness
  • Using your voice as a guide
  • Usage of props, postures and music
  • Creating a Sankalpa (resolve)
  • Crafting scripts and developing an effective class
  • Counter indications to the practice
  • Opportunity to practice Yoga Nidra

course schedule

Upcoming Yoga Nidra Events

Mar 2020

Yoga Nidra Script Writing Tutorial with Michèle E. Denis

Mar 14, 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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