Mastery and Mystery Kundalini Training

In Kithira Island, Greece

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Mastery and Mystery Kundalini Training

In Kithira Island, Greece

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Join Semperviva’s experienced Teacher Training faculty on a trip of a lifetime. Journey with a community of inspired, international students and experience yoga teacher trainings that are transformational. Combine your learning with intimate cultural experiences and the healing beauty of nature. Our bespoke, curated trainings take the authentic yoga seeker on a journey of self-discovery as well as a deep exploration of the ancient wisdom of yoga. Your days will include yoga practices, lecture, discussion, meditation, swimming, and exploring this breathtaking island.


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Devoted to the most supportive, experienced and authentic yoga teacher training, the Semperviva Greece 200 Hour Teacher Training course delivers over a decade of knowledge and experience.

This Yoga Alliance Internationally Accredited Teacher Training program takes place on the magical paradise of Kithira, in Greece. Chosen as the site of our immersions, it has long been an island of pilgrimages. Teacher Training in a sense is a pilgrimage, a journey into the self that enables you to come back into the world with greater strength, clarity, patience and a deeper sense of peace.

Doing your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in a new destination, away from the stresses and routine of daily life, brings with it a profoundly deep experience that will create changes in you at a cellular level.

Join our family of influential yoga teaching faculty to practise, train and dive deeply into the yoga you love. You will learn to teach inspiring yoga classes while you discover the depths of yoga, and rediscover yourself, your place in this world and the beauty of this island.

You’ll meet students from all across the globe and can continue your studies with them in online courses or future trainings and retreats.

The Island

Your journey begins on one of the yet undiscovered Greek islands, Kithira. This unique island will satisfy your natural wanderlust, with its charming secluded beaches, white washed villages, and spectacular local cuisine. Places like this don’t exist anymore!

You will stay in the coastal village of Avlemonas, right beside the famed beaches of Paleopoli where it is said that the goddess of love, Aphrodite rose from the sea.

Here you will be accommodated in one of the specially selected family run, boutique hotels. No two rooms are the same and all are booked on a first come first serve basis. For the most spectacular views, book early!

No matter where you stay, your accommodations will be immaculately clean and peaceful, and only steps from the sea. Your private room is equipped with a small kitchenette, bathrooms, and patio space.

All pricing is per person. If you’re travelling with friends, we’ll arrange for two bedroom accommodations or larger rooms for couples.


  • The locals will have you feeling at home here in no time. The town is a five minute walk, end to end, and has some of the finest in farm to table cuisine.

  • For those that crave adventure, hop into one of the private cars provided for you and go on an exploration of your own. There are over 35 beaches on the island, with countless picturesque towns, local markets and sacred sites to explore.

  • One of our favourite things to do in Kithira is join in on local festivals, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the middle of a traditional dance or catching the bouquet at a big fat Greek wedding.


Daily Training Schedule

This teacher training is curated to create the perfect balance between time as a group and time spent alone. Space is created in your day to fully integrate the transformational healing work of the yoga and enjoy the splendour of this island. Training sessions will include Asana practice, instruction and discussion in a tranquil setting.

  • Morning:  Meditation and asana practice

  • Mid Morning: Lectures, discussion, practice, teaching opportunities

  • Midday: Free time to explore the island or rest and relax by the sea

  • Late afternoon: Asana, lectures, discussion, and practice teaching opportunities

“A vacation, a life learning and a yoga learning experience—all in one.”



We’ll put you in touch with a Yoga Advisor who has also done their training on the island of Kithira. Fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you.

Payment Plan

Nothing should get in the way of your dreams. Fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you to find a no-interest plan that works for you.

course curriculum

Teaching Asana

Learn to teach safely, effectively and with confidence. The asana portion of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program includes:

  • Detailed study of all yoga postures including modifications of poses and appropriate use of props
  • Physical and energetic benefits of postures
  • Hands on adjustments and enhancements
  • Learning to see and understand bodies in terms of proper alignment
  • Creating a class: learn the principles of sequencing and how to create a theme for your class
  • Verbalizing an asana: learn to give clear, simple instructions through choice of appropriate verbal cues and body language demonstrating asana: key points for teaching beginners
  • Teaching to special groups such as prenatal yoga, seniors, kids, etc.
  • Student teacher relationship
  • Ethics of a yoga teacher

Multiple opportunities to practice teaching will be given. At Semperviva we create a supportive, nurturing community of teachers to help you apply what you have learned right away. You will receive immediate feedback from your teachers to help you refine your teaching skills and feel at ease in front of a class. We are here to support you every step of the way.


Learn to teach a variety of meditation techniques to quiet and focus the mind:

Daily meditation and journaling is a requirement of this 200 hour yoga course. Meditation teaches us to stop identifying with the body, the mind, and its ceaseless thoughts. When this happens, then there is yoga, which is identification with the true Self, Samadhi, happiness, bliss.


Prana is the life force or vital energy. Pranayama is the way of building or directing this vital energy:

  • Learn to teach powerful breath (pranayama) techniques such as ujayi, kapalabhati, nadi sodhana and kumbhaka
  • Understand the bandhas or energy locks that direct prana (vital life force)

Western anatomy and physiology will be studied, including the circulatory system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system, nervous system, musculo-skeletal system, the spine, immune system, and genito-urinary system:

  • Understand the physical effects of yoga on the body
  • Learn how to avoid injury in key areas, and how to work with basic injuries
Yogic Anatomy

Learn the energetic effects of yoga on the body:

  • Prana, what it is and techniques that direct prana
  • Kundalini energy and it’s infinite potential
  • The chakra system
  • The vayus
  • Nadis
Yogic History and Philosophy

Study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and how these teachings provide a very real model that can be applied to daily life:

  • Study of the Bhagavad Gita
  • Yoga’s journey to the West and the most influential yogis of our time


Your trip includes two group dinners where we’ll share with you some of the freshest cuisine this island has to offer. Your vegetables are picked in gardens just steps away from where your meal is served.

For the rest of your meals, we encourage you to explore the island and try all that it has to offer from fresh spinach pies right out of wood burning ovens, to Greek salads piled high with just picked, organic tomatoes that taste heavenly. Restaurants here are committed to serving seasonal vegetables and growing their own food as much as possible.

If you’re a seafood lover, you can watch the day’s catch come in and know that your seafood couldn’t be fresher.

The Logistics

What is the cost?

USD 4,995 per person.

What does that include?

  • Guided support in completing your travel arrangements
  • Transfers to and from the Kithira airport in our private coach
  • Accommodation cost for your stay on the island
  • Private cars to explore the island (shared use)
  • Group excursions including an unforgettable trip around the island and a visit to a cave that rivals the Blue Grotto
  • Two group dinners with local farm to table cuisine. We have a new favourite on the island that we can’t wait to share with you!
  • All course instruction (internationally recognized and world class!)
  • A comprehensive electronic 500 page manual

Flights to the island are not included.


Your short, 40 minute flight to Kithira leaves from the Athens International Airport in Greece. We’ll assist with your booking so you can arrive with the group and take advantage of the private transfer arranged for you to the coastal town of Avlemonas.

Transfers are not provided outside of designated times and local transport is limited. Your spot will be fully secured once your return ticket to Kithira has been booked. Flights to the island are extremely limited so it’s very important to book early!

Flights to the island are not included. Your Athens-Kithira return flights must be booked to secure your spot. Medical travel insurance is required and trip cancellation is highly recommended

YOUR Teachers AND Guides

Gloria Latham is the director of Yoga Teacher Training of Semperviva Yoga, and a native of Kithira. These trainings bring together some of her greatest loves, her passion for this island, her love of nature and her deep devotion to the practice of yoga.

Each year, Gloria selects core teachers from the Semperviva faculty to facilitate this transformational journey for students.

Her role in the training is to create the conditions for deep inner work, both through making sure you’re experience on Kithira is top notch as well as through exploring the philosophy and chakra based aspects of the practice.




Internationally Recognized Certification

Over a decade of experience in training yoga teachers authentically and responsibly.

World Class Training

Top certification and internationally registered with Yoga Alliance: Study with the Semperviva Faculty and International Master Teacher team to become a certified Yoga Teacher, able teach anywhere in the world.

Post-secondary Education

We are one of the very few yoga schools recognized by the government as a post-secondary institution

Experienced Faculty

Knowledgeable, experienced and inspiring teachers who are regularly working with international Master Teachers in their continuing education.

Interest Free Payment Plans

Nothing should get in the way of your dreams. Talk to us about our different payment plans.

No Hidden Costs

Your course fees include your tuition, yoga manual and required text. You will be issued a receipt for tax purposes.

Ongoing Support

We offer you ongoing support after your training to support your growth both as a student and a teacher.

All Semperviva Yoga Teacher Training Programs are registered with the Yoga Alliance, the largest professional association for yoga teachers and schools. The mission of the Yoga Alliance is to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga. All graduates of Semperviva are automatically eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher).


We’ll put you in touch with a Yoga Advisor who has also done their training on the island of Kithira. Fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you.

Payment Plan

Nothing should get in the way of your dreams. Fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you to find a no-interest plan that works for you.