Seane Corn: Igniting passion to get Off the Mat and Into the World

Seane Corn is unlike any teacher I have met before. Her openness, her authentic fire, her commitment to the path, her ability to express spirit so deeply, her capacity to ignite a passion for service; these are just a handful of reasons I feel so honoured to be a long time student and to have recently assisted some of her workshops.

A few years ago it was recommended to me that I take Seane’s 3 day workshop at Semperviva. At that point in my practice, my heart rested in spending my time with our powerful local teachers and was not interested in Master Teacher workshops. After a little research I realized that this brilliant, clear, articulate teacher that lives her yoga off the mat with service projects and grassroots
fundraising, was blazing a trail for conscious yogis everywhere, was not to be missed.

In a sense, those three days at Semperviva shifted the course of my heart.
Seane allowed me to see that the power of yoga was not just rooted in personal change, but is the foundation for all social change. This was incredible work we were doing as a community of heart centred people that believe in the power of love.

Seane has an ability to make yoga raw, real and so transformative that a fire is lit within that can never be subdued. She reminds you of your passions, your purpose, your strength and the part deep inside you that knows that you are capable of inspiring amazing shifts in consciousness in both yourself and the world around you.

Physically, her classes ring, twist and release any tension or resistance in your body and heart, calling you to stay focused and aware thorough the practice of yoga; that it is a breath by breath prayer that helps to lead us back to ourselves. Her decades of practice, study and teaching shine in the room, creating a space that is not only sacred, but supportive and highly insightful.

This past year I assisted Seane at the Caribbean Yoga Conference and will be assisting her at her weekend workshop at Semperviva Yoga June 15th-17th and again at Wanderlust Whistler. I have so much gratitude for this experience as a teacher, to continue to learn and grow from such an inspirational senior teacher and an even greater honour to be able to participate and support in my own kula.

This woman is a life changer, a mystical gift, a bible of information and one of the purest examples of yoga in action. More gratitude, deep bows and cosmic high fives for being blessed to have her as a mentor on my path.

To learn more about the work Seane and her team are doing with Off the Mat Into the World, go to

By Danielle Hoogeboom

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Seane Corn will be leading a weekend workshop at Semperviva Yoga from June 15th-17th, 2012.
Click here for details and to register.



  • posted by: Laurasemperviva

    Looking forward to seeing you there!  Great post Danielle.

  • posted by: Lori Lucas

    So wonderful Danielle! You, Seane AND Semperviva all RULE!!! Have a great one! xo

  • posted by: Helen

    So excited for this workshop! Can't wait to see you all there:)