Sarah L

What brought you to Yoga?

A bit of curiosity, and a big desire to get more flexible for my dance classes. I also wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

How long have you been practicing?

6 weeks now.

What keeps you practicing Yoga?

I came in with the intention to train my body to move a certain way, and realized that yoga was more about honouring your body and its 
needs. I loved the focus on well being and the teaching of listening to yourself, rather than treating your body as a mean to an end. 
I do feel a change in my strength and flexibility, but with no expectations, no pressure.

What connects you to a teacher?

A teacher who starts the class by introducing themselves and asking questions to check in makes me feel immediately comfortable. 
As a relatively new yogi, I also feel more at ease when a teacher asks who is new in the room and gives precise instructions with 
suggestions for modifications in case we want to go deeper or easier. I found the language to be very powerful too. For example, 
some teachers say “if this part of the body is not available to you, you can try this alternative position”. I find this choice of 
words empowering.

What do you feel Yoga has brought to your life?

An escape from stress. Empowerment. Chances to reflect with no distractions: I get a breakthrough almost every class. Just 
lying down in preparation for the class helps me to calm down and take a different perspective on an issue that’s been bothering 
all day.
A deeper connection with my body.
A fun activity to practice with my friends.

In one word, how would you describe Yoga to others?


What was your biggest fear about starting Yoga?

I was TERRIFIED of not being able to move the way other more experienced yogis did, or to even achieve certain poses I had seen 
in photos.

What has been your greatest triumph since starting your practice?

Learning the distinction between honouring and objectifying my body in fitness.

In one word, what is community to you?


What keeps bringing you back to Semperviva?

Aside from the amazing classes and environment:
- The schedule: I don’t need to plan my day around yoga. Whenever I am free, I am sure to find a class at one of the 4 studios that 
  fits in my schedule.

- The proximity to my place.

- The availability of yoga mats and props.

- I love the tea!