Progress is Power

Today we celebrate women everywhere with International Women’s Day. At Semperviva,  we celebrate women everyday –  in our lives and our studios. 

Today we consider that, as in life, progress in our yoga practise doesn’t always happen as fast as we want it to. But each step forward should be considered an achievement.

In yoga, when holding any pose for an extended time, we are brought face to face with perceived mental and physical limitations. Negative thoughts tend to rise up in a challenging pose. This is the time to find the strength to push through negativity.

At the same time, we need to know our bodies and how far we can push without injury. By putting aside ego and self judgement, we will recognize when to pause.

With gratitude and patience we can realize that reaching our destination is all about honouring the journey.  Whenever we extend our boundaries, we set the stage to go further than before. 

This is how progress works.

Find the power in your practice today, push past your psychological limits, but know when it’s time to set your pause point.