What the New Moon In Capricorn Means For You

We’re celebrating the new moon in Capricorn today, which brings us some earthy qualities just in time for the New Year.

You will have felt this Capricorn energy building up over the past 14 days, and the same energy will play out over the next 29 days.

Capricorn’s symbol is the mountain goat or ‘’Goat-Fish’’, and is associated with resourcefulness, persistence, ambition, success, discipline and career.

Capricorn is very goal orientated so this energy assists us to make the changes and adjustments we need in our lives.  Saturn, the ruler of Karma and understanding is Capricorn’s planet.

Take a close look at any disruptions that have occurred recently – and see how you can look at these in a new light to express Capricorn qualities in a different way.

In addition to the new moon in Capricorn, we are in the midst of a Mercury retrograde and today (December 29th/30th), Uranus will start to move forward again giving you the themes of freedom and innovation – new and exciting ideas will come up and combined with the Capricorn energy, have the potential to be made real.

If you’re planning on setting New Year intentions, this is one of the best days to start. Try do it within the first 24 hours after the New Moon, or as close to the New Moon as possible.

See below for your timezone:

Pacific (PST): 10:53pm (Dec 28th)
Mountain (MST): 11:53pm (Dec 28th)
Central (CST): 12:53am

Eastern (EST): 1:53am
Atlantic (AST): 2:53am
Alaska (AKSDT): 9:53pm (Dec 28th)

Hawaii (HAST): 8:53pm (Dec 28th)
Newfoundland (NST): 3:23am

United Kingdom (BST): 6:53am
Western Europe (WET): 6:53am
Central Europe (CET): 7:53am
Eastern Europe (EET): 8:53am
Australia Eastern (AEDT): 5:53pm
Australia Central (ACDT): 5:23pm
Australia Western (AWST): 2:53pm
New Zealand (NZDT): 7:53pm
India (IST): 12:23pm