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Jazz Braden

Yoga found Jazz in her last year of varsity basketball when her body was at its wits end. It was the first time she had ever felt graceful and beautiful in her body. It was the first time she was moving just to feel good rather then to improve skills or game. After a few (okay, plenty) hearty slices of humble pie, this practice opened her eyes and heart repeatedly to a potential beyond what she ever thought possible.
Fast forward to today, after becoming a teacher at the sweet young age of 21, she is now a international retreat leader/teacher with thousands of hours of study and practice as a 500 Hour Advanced Certified Teacher. Having trained with master teachers such as Janet Stone, Gloria Latham, Mark Whitwell, Clara Roberts-Oss, Shiva Rae, Anodea Judith and more, she brings a depth of knowledge to honour the ancient traditions of yoga with a balance of modern, everyday life lessons.

Jazz’s classes are fabricated with a creative curiosity of what is possible for each of us, discovering yourself suddenly in a shape asking “How did I get here?!”. Inspiring students to practice with dedication, unshakable faith and courage, it becomes clear that yoga is the key to shifting this disconnected world driven by ego into a global community focused on compassion.
THAT is why I teach and why I’m so driven to show other teachers how to go out into their world and share this spark. Anyone can teach once they discover the language that speaks to that fire within themselves. Truth is, we are always teaching everyone around us with our words, our relationships, our actions and decisions.
Let’s make a choice to teach love and connection in everything we do.

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