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Yoga For Life with Jacci Collins

Yoga For Life: Safe Yoga for Lower Back, Hips, Knees, Neck & Shoulders

When there is injury and/or dysfunction in the body, we can feel bound by limitations. This can impact both our physical and emotional health. Learn how an intelligent, safe yoga practice can create more freedom and balance in both the body and mind.

This training will address the most common areas of injury: Lower Back, Hips, Knees, Neck & Shoulders. We will also address the impact our modern lifestyle has on the body and learn accessible tools to combat stress and anxiety. Learn to care for your own body and how to support others who may be working with limitations.

This course is suitable for students looking to deepen their yoga practice as well as body workers, health professionals, and yoga teachers. This training is eligible for 20 hours towards the AYTT (500 hour) program as well as Continuing Education Units with Yoga Alliance.


  • Daily physical practice dedicated to a targeted area of the body
  • Basic anatomy of common areas of injury or dysfunction (Lower Back, Hips, Knees, Neck & Shoulders)
  • Application of meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy
  • Sequencing: Intelligent, safe options for home practice and/or teaching others
  • Practical application of poses
  • Manual and workbook with course material
  • Resources for further study

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Jacci Collins | View Full Profile »

Jacci’s journey in yoga began over 14 years ago when she sought out Ashtanga yoga as an alternate form of training for her career as a professional dancer. Once on the mat, she discovered that yoga was not only the perfect way to balance out the body’s strengths and weaknesses, but it also left her feeling peaceful and at ease. As her awareness grew she was able to manage chronic injuries left in her body from a career in dance. She even averted pending low-back surgery by committing to a steady and mindful yoga practice. She remains constantly humbled by how deep this practice can penetrate. A firm believer in the body-mind connection, she encourages her students to move away from the ego and into the true self. She is currently teaching hatha, flow and vinyasa yoga throughout Vancouver. Her classes emphasize a strong awareness of physicality along with self-acceptance and trust in the innate intelligence of the body. Jacci is a registered yoga teacher (RYT200) as well as a registered teacher trainer (E-RYT200) and has proudly been teaching yoga to all ages and abilities since 2004.

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Start: Jun 7 - End: Jun 16
Cost: $445 Register Here
Total Hours: 20
Format: Part-time