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Mindfulness of Emotion – Free to Thrive with Debora de Napoli

Sep 15, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Regulating our emotions through yoga, movement and education.

We all experience anxiety and depression at some point in our lives and some of us live with this
regularly. Without the proper tools or coping strategies we can feel overwhelmed and some of us
may experience distress and isolation as a result. Often with the support of new understanding,
and learning tangible tools and strategies, we can lift the weight and begin to thrive. Not just

  • Paying attention to our emotions is very important. Because we can’t suppress them and we
    can’t get rid of them. What are they telling us?
  • Practicing mindfulness of emotion is paying attention to the very emotion that we have. It’s
    allowing it to be, letting it be what it is.
  • It’s also reminding ourselves that we are not our emotions, which helps us better to tolerate

So why pay attention to emotions?

The Mindfulness of Emotion workshop will offer you accessible tools to not overreact to your
emotions so that you can instead:

  • Use your emotions as a driver to experience freedom and fully expressed living.
  • Identify the root causes and understand your feeling from a cognitive and physiological
  • Learn to experience emotions without reacting, especially in destructive ways.


** In this class we will incorporate Guided Breathwork, the powerful techniques of Kundalini Yoga
and Sound Healing Bath into an informative and therapeutic practice. It is a full Mind-BodySpiritual integration.

I will also provide you with information to take home for future reference and continued home

Yoga practitioners, teachers, and those curious about their healing journey welcome. No
experience necessary; Inclusive and beginner format- All persons and All levels of yoga

*** This workshop is not intended to diagnose or treat. This workshop is designed to offer tools and education only.

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Debora De Napoli

For me, yoga has always been a foundational place. It’s a place to call home; a baseline.

10 years ago, I suffered a long stretch of loss and trauma. It started with multiple deaths in my
family, including my mother. A few years after losing her, I was in a serious car accident. I
sustained a head injury, and found myself in a very different body; slowed by chronic pain, and
new-found mobility issues.

I deepened my practice, leaning into yoga to help me through grief and loss. I learned to move
my body and I became fascinated with the strong connectivity between physical movement and
emotional well-being. During practice, I experienced simultaneous relief from physical discomfort
as well as greater emotional balance.

In 2016 I completed 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. I followed teacher training with a two-year
program in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) at Vancouver General Hospital,
Understanding Trauma – Life after Trauma through Vancouver Coastal Health, as well as a
chronic pain psycho-education program through Empower to Change Pain at ChangePain BC.
Teaching yoga continues to be a tremendous gift. While it was not part of my original plan, it has
been the key to my own healing journey. It is my life’s work to help people thrive, melding my
studies of trauma with the empowerment of yoga practice.

In addition to teaching public yoga classes and workshops, I am also a presenter, documentary
filmmaker and public speaker. I am proud of my advocacy work with women in adventure sport
and Ovarian Cancer Research (OvCare).

In my classes, you can expect an integration of playful exuberance in an intentional and
meaningful practice. We will focus on experiencing groundedness while we tap into our intuition,
connection, and emotion regulation through the powerful wisdom and movements of Kundalini
and Hatha yoga. My studies in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, trauma and chronic pain also enter
the room to create a full mind-body-spiritual practice.

Sat Nam.

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Date: Sep 15
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Cost: $45 +GST Register Here
Format: Weekend workshop

Location: Sun Studio & Lifestyle Store
2608 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC Canada
Phone: (604) 739-2009