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May the Force Be With You…with Cameron Gilley and Wesley Salter

Mar 12, 2017, 1:30 pm - 3:45 pm

“The Force is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.” ~ Obi Wan Kenobi

Embark on a Yogic ‘Jedi Journey’ with Cameron and Wesley in this playful and deep exploration of a BLINDFOLDED PRACTICE sourced from sensation… Close your eyes and be mezmerized!


Put on a blindfold, turn your full attention inward, and experience a delicious awakening of all your senses as you breathe and feel your way through a mindful sequence of hand-picked yoga asanas.  Take your practice to new depths by removing all visual distraction.  Learn to truly ‘listen’ to the voice of your own embodiment; vibrant, radiant sensation.  Feel the full, pulsating flow of the Prana – Life Force – streaming through every cell in your body.  In this unique workshop, unlock your inner Jedi by closing your eyes, moving with deep intention, breathing big, and BECOMING ONE WITH LIFE FORCE!

This workshop is open to all levels of practice: whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or brand new to the wonderful world of yoga; if you aspire to learn, to laugh, to experience the true potential of your practice to unlock profound personal insight, then get your Jedi booty to this workshop and awaken the Force!

**Warning!  Expect to play, to smile, to stretch, to feel… to discover the true power of the force!**




Part 1 • Kula cultivation + Whimsical Revelation

Part 2 • ‘Feel the Force’ • A BIG Qi  Awakening • Discover a deeper connection to sensation through Qi Gong, breathwork & Meditation.

Part 3 • A 90 minute, ‘The Force is Strong In U’  fusion flow, where we put on a blindfold, and move with mindful intention through a carefully crafted Jedi Yoga adventure on your mat!

Learn more about the Instructor(s)

Cameron Gilley, B.F.A, E-RYT | View Full Profile »

Cameron and WesleyCameron is the co-creator of www.themindchillcollective.com
and whole-heartedly believes in the transformative power of Yoga. Having received his Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification in 2002. Drawing from his experience in Hatha, Yin, & Power Yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts, in each class Cam devotes his energy to creating a space for students to access their own innate presence through posture, flow, breath and awareness. Whatever your walk of life, he invites you to come experience for yourself the liberating and life- affirming bliss that is YOGA. Both a ‘workout’ and a ‘work- in’, Cameron’s class will leave you feeling the pleasant echo of your own efforts resonating within you. www.camerongilley.ca

Wesley Salter, B.Ed, E-RYT | View Full Profile »

IMG_4059Wesley is the co-creator of www.themindchillcollective.com and is a yogi who has worn many creative hats during his adventures around the world: DJ, Break Dancer, Teacher, Actor and Singer. Throughout his journey, backpacking & exploring over fifty countries, two recurring passions were ever-present: creative movement and deep breathing. After practicing yoga for over twelve years, Wesley completed his certification in the styles of Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Kundalini. He previously graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria and went on to have a successful high school teaching career both in Canada and abroad. He has since made the full- time transition from the high school classroom into the yoga studio and as an E- RYT yoga instructor based on the West Coast of Canada, Wesley’s credo is simple: ‘Big Breath=Big Life!’

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Date: Mar 12, 2017
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:45 pm
Cost: $35 +GST Register Here
Format: Event

Location: Kits Beach Yoga Studio
#110-2201 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver , BC Canada
Phone: 604-739-2009