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Worrier to Warrior with Lisa Dumas

Oct 27, 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Embodied Healing Tools and Self-Discovery to Soothe an Anxious Mind and Body

The Worrier to Warrior workshop is a safe, calming and empowering experience that offers a vast tool box of techniques to calm the mind and open to a sense of safety and worthiness in the present moment. While these practices are tools that Lisa collected on her path of healing from disordered anxiety and panic, this workshop is appropriate for anyone wanting to cultivate a kinder inner dialogue and release the grip of worry about “what other people think”. During the workshop, you will be invited to explore mindful, intentional movement including purposeful yoga postures, breathing techniques, guided meditations, visualizations, compassionate personal inquiry and journaling.

You will learn to:

  • Use breath and mindfulness to calm your body and mind
  • Build a renewed relationship of trust with your body
  • Discover the roots of anxious thinking
  • Empower yourself to overcome harmful beliefs
  • Create a much kinder inner commentary
  • Choose love over fear, moving toward “nothing to prove and nothing to hide”
  • Build resilience, learn to work WITH emotions
  • Cultivate real self-worth and self-compassion

All bodies are welcome, and no previous yoga experience is necessary. You will not be required to speak in front of the group.

Please bring a journal and pen.


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Lisa Dumas

Yoga Teacher, Personal Development Teacher specializing in shifting anxiety, shame and perfectionism

After spending 11 years as a radio host, I came to yoga over a decade ago seeking respite from disordered panic and chronic anxiety. I received near immediate relief on the mat, discovering the power of the breath and its guidance to the present moment. Newfound presence taught me to compassionately question my thoughts, rebuild a relationship with my body and learn to choose love over fear. Always a seeker, my studies in Eastern Philosophy, Western Psychology, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and Personal Development are continuous as I gratefully share the teachings that have supported my own evolution so far.

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Date: Oct 27
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Cost: $55 +GST Register Here
Format: Event

Location: Sun Studio & Lifestyle Store
2608 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC Canada
Phone: (604) 739-2009