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Better Breath: The Journey with Marie Simpson

Mar 3, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Better Breath: The Journey combines three powerful modalities into a potent ceremony. The session consists of accessible yoga practices to warm the body up, and a long period breathing in a conscious, connected manner. You will leave feeling lighter, more free, and radiant.


Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness; it draws on tradition and technology that uses asana (poses), meditation, and mantra (sound) for creating powerful shifts in physical well-being, expanding consciousness, and tapping into creativity.


Breathwork combines ancient shamanic pracitces, eastern philosophy, and western psychotherapeutic techniques to open to new depths of the present moment in a way that enables us to bypass the cognitive brain and tap into a deeper wisdom. It allows for emotions, memories, and sensations that are stored in the physical body to unravel and repattern so that we can live from a place of clarity, solidness, and truth.


Gong meditation facilitates nervous system regulation and integration of the insights that can arise during breathwork. It provides a deep meditation so that we can bring the new experiences of presence and peace into our daily lives.


All parts of the practice are accessible to all body types, all physical abilities, and all levels of experience. Come dressed in comfortable layers with a yoga mat if available; consider also bringing a pillow and blanket for extra coziness.

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Marie Simpson

I thought my first yoga class in 2000 was boring. Fortunately my body felt good enough afterwards to keep me coming back. The first lesson my practice taught me: don’t believe everything you think.

After a decade of (mostly) consistent practice in a variety of styles, I began teaching in 2010. My original 200 hour certificate is hatha-based; I have since completed additional 200 hour trainings in kundalini yoga and 500 hours in vinyasa yoga. I love exploring the psycho emotional experience of being on the mat, and am fascinated with the ways that settling our nervous systems can transform all facets of life.

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with an emphasis on transpersonal psychology and somatic psychotherapy, a kundalini yogateacher, a breathwork facilitator, and an eternal wanderer. I recognize that the tools available for a life well-lived are endless; the ones that most rock my world are kundalini yoga, the wisdom that dwells in my (your!) highly intelligent body, breathwork, and the continuous unraveling that comes through transformational travel. My life is dedicated to the practice of joy as a process of coming into one-ness with everything.

Sometimes kundalini yoga asks you to work, and at other times you’ll be lulled into your own bliss – often with the assistance of my big, beautiful gong – and I am most interested in your efforts to be present in all of it. I’m inspired by students who are willing to soften their views of their body, who will commit to diligently being with their breath, and who can courageously bear witness to matters of the heart.

With reverence to this practice and the teachers who have helped me feel at home in the place behind my breastbone, I am grateful for the never-ending opportunity to remember what is real and what is true. It has been anything but boring.

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Date: Mar 3
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Cost: $45 +GST Register Here
Format: Weekend workshop

Location: Kits Beach Yoga Studio
#110-2201 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver , BC Canada
Phone: 604-739-2009