Edie G

What brought you to Yoga?

Initially, curiosity of what the “hype” around yoga was all about. Presently, I practice yoga for rehabilitation purposes, 
spirituality, mindfulness and a stronger connection to my true self.

How long have you been practicing?

I have been practicing yoga for six years, but more consistently for the past three years.

What keeps you practicing Yoga?

How I feel during and after a practice. The connection I feel with my body and mind, the increased love for myself, and the 
curiosity for what I will be able to achieve in the practice. There is always room for greater exploration and growth – be 
it in postures or in my personal connection and understanding of myself.

What connects you to a teacher?

Their teachings, the flow of the class and their overall energy: I love instructors who begin a practice with a story that 
prompts you to search for deeper meaning during your practice; to stay connected to breath and push your limits, yet be 
comfortable and happy to only go as far as what feels good to you – not to be upset that you cannot yet do a posture that 
others in the class can do. Maybe that posture is not meant for you. Be happy with where you are right now.

What do you feel Yoga has brought to your life?

Greater love, appreciation, peace and understanding of myself: Yes, the athletic and physical results are wonderful, but I love 
how I feel and how much more present and grateful I have become.

In one word, how would you describe Yoga to others?

Many words come to mind because it represents so many things to me. The main words are: Love. Mindfulness. Strength.

What was your biggest fear about starting Yoga?

Not being able to do certain inversion postures (headstand/handstand).

What has been your greatest triumph since starting your practice?

Becoming more present and understanding of my whole being and balancing in crow pose and other postures for five breaths!

In one word, what is community to you?


What keeps bringing you back to Semperviva?

Many things: the instructors and the staff, the sense of community, your acceptance and support of everyone and your compassion 
for all your clients.