Semperviva Yoga Studios are permanently closed

It is with great sadness that Semperviva Yoga Studios, after 25 years in the community, is forced to permanently close its doors, effective immediately at all locations.

Dear Members,

Thank you for the kind messages we have received from so many of you and for creating such an amazing community over the past 25 years. We have also received messages inquiring as to the status of your class memberships and Yoga Training programs.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic we sadly had no choice but to close permanently. Since mid-March we were no longer able nor allowed to remain open due to social/physical distancing guidelines. All classes had to be cancelled – as well as teacher training programs and workshops, critical revenue sources. This is expected to carry on for 3 months or more.

Since back in early February, long before most other businesses, Semperviva had severely declining memberships and revenues due to Covid 19 with members wanting to avoid crowded studios. As of March 15, we had NO revenues. Remaining Rent was due for March, and all rent was due April 1, at all 4 locations, a very large amount, with no forgiveness offered from Landlords.

The government assistance offered to Small Business of a 75% Wage Subsidy, and a $40,000 Interest Free Loan, both still not in place nor delivered – is of no help whatsoever to a business model such as ours, as we are unable to generate any revenues whatsoever. It would require borrowing over 10 times this loan amount to pay expenses, a debt Semperviva could not sustain.

Due to this unprecedented situation, we unfortunately are unable to provide refunds.

Please see our closing letter below from March 17, 2020
Semperviva Yoga

Dear friends and Semperviva members,

It is with great sadness that Semperviva Yoga Studios, after 25 years in the community, is forced to permanently close its doors, effective immediately at all locations.

Our priority now is to pay our dedicated Employees, and teachers, as they and their families and children depend on this. And if eligible, also allows them speedy access to EI under the new Covid 19 rules.

Senior Health officials do not see a quick resolution to this.

Since February the recent Covid19 Virus has caused a steady cancellation of memberships and therefore membership renewals, causing an acute strain on our finances.

Things changed dramatically for the worse last week, with various levels of government passing new travel warnings, and recommendations to avoid social gathering, and now ordering community and public businesses to close etc.

As a result, we have been forced to cancel most future teacher training programs and workshops due to start in April, and beyond – key immediate revenues Semperviva depends on.

To further act responsibly to limit social gathering, we were forced to close all of our studios Monday morning, March 15th.

Currently we therefore have no revenues, and finances are exhausted. We are also confronted with recent significant increases in studio lease rates, in particular at our large Kits Beach Studio, on West 4th Ave., where we are in Default, as we are unable to pay the March rent.

We have been unable to negotiate any rent forgiveness with the Landlord, in consideration of the virus and its severe financial implications on our business.

Semperviva may not physically remain but will carry on in Vancouver and around the world through the many dedicated teachers we have trained, and through the thousands of wonderful students with whom we have crossed paths.

To you we say a huge thank you for your support for the last 25 years!

We are grateful to all the teachers who taught at Semperviva over the years, and to our amazing Teacher Training Faculty, and most especially to you, our members.

Through you, Semperviva developed into a community like no other, and earned a reputation as a leading Yoga Training College world-wide.

When we started Semperviva 25 years ago, our dream was to live, work and raise our children in Kitsilano. Our early business inspiration was simple: “Do something that makes people feel good”.

Semperviva has so exceeded anything we could have imagined. We are filled with gratitude.

Thank you!!
Yours Very Sincerely,
Scott, Gloria and The Semperviva Family