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One of the highlights of summer are the Semperviva Greece Yoga Retreats and trainings on Kythira Island. Kythira delivers an […]

ayurvedic buckwheat pancakes

Serving 8 Ayurvedic buckwheat pancakes To assist healthy, balanced digestion one way is to bring the qualities of agni into […]

Semperviva Yoga Spring Teacher Training

By Kate Burne, a Semperviva  Yoga Teacher Training student @kate_burne Here in Vancouver we recently turned the clocks forward, an official […]

By Melissa Tizon. Published with permission from Now that I’m on the mend post-surgery, I am slowly getting back into […]

Yoga Teacher Training Downward Dog

By Kate Burne, a Semperviva  Yoga Teacher Training student @kate_burne A weekend workshop with Master Teacher Nicki Doane recently turned my […]

Ayurvedic Cleanse

By Nathalie Keiller Now is a great time to consider doing a simple Ayurvedic Cleanse, one of the best ways […]

Today we celebrate women everywhere with International Women’s Day. At Semperviva,  we celebrate women everyday –  in our lives and […]

After yoga, keep on blissing out with this great Ayurvedic recipe. Quick to make, easy to store and blissfully delicious:) […]

By Kate Burne, a Semperviva  Yoga Teacher Training student @kate_burne Never has this statement felt more true than with regard to […]

Published with permission from Adventures of the Soul by Khadija Muhaisen Dajani You know how there are moments in life […]

Valentine’s Day is on the way. What are you doing? Yoga with Gloria, A special date night? A dinner at […]

Yoga chest openers or back bends are good for mind, body and soul. They counteract today’s relentless hunching – over […] by BRITANNY BURR Yoga: though not everyone’s tried it, we’re willing to bet everyone’s heard of it. The ancient Indian […]

All Love Starts With Self Love We were all destined to love and be loved. But before we look outside […]

This winter, British Columbia is feeling more like the rest of Canada. It is colder and dryer than usual, hence […]

We offer many different styles and classes at Semperviva Yoga. If you’re a new Semperviva  student, it can seem overwhelming […]

We’re celebrating the new moon in Capricorn today, which brings us some earthy qualities just in time for the New […]

What brought you to Yoga? Initially, curiosity of what the “hype” around yoga was all about. Presently, I practice yoga for […]

In Ayurveda, the subtle forms of Vata, Pitta and Kapha have their corresponding subtle forms in the body and they […]

What brought you to Yoga? A bit of curiosity, and a big desire to get more flexible for my dance […]