pure yoga



In creating the most welcoming environments possible to practice yoga

That yoga will help you reach your health goals

In offering all styles of yoga to suit different needs

In providing you with the most experienced, inspiring teachers

In the power of yoga to transform lives

That yoga is a mind body discipline

In giving back to our community

That no one should feel intimidated to join any class

 Yoga is the key to leading an inspired life. That is why Semperviva specializes in pure yoga and strives to deliver you the best yoga teacher training and class experiences possible.

Semperviva offers four yoga studios in the Vancouver area and is internationally recognized as a leader in Yoga Teacher Training. We are dedicated to offering authentic and powerful yoga experiences that transcend the expected – and create profound change. We are constantly pursuing excellence, innovation and brilliance in our teachers and our people. We seek the future of yoga and root it in our time long tradition. Mind. Body. Soul. Always.

Start Your Journey

At Semperviva, we make it easy for you to get into yoga. We can help you to get into shape and release the stress of everyday life. We will introduce you to important principles of alignment, tools for concentration, and teach you the essential skills you can use to help you relax. We stretch, we twist, we dance, and we let it all go. The best part is, we do it all together as a community.


Reach Further

If you’ve been practicing for a while, we will help you find new inspiration and challenges with our experienced and passionate yoga teachers and core faculty. We also offer many advanced workshops and trainings with our one-of-a-kind global Master Teachers Series. We are the only yoga studio in Vancouver to provide this type of in-depth international experience. We will help you reach your goals – and discover more about yourself and your practise.

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Be Tomorrow’s Great Teacher

Earn your 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification with Semperviva’s International College of Yoga. As the longest-running , leading yoga teacher training college, we are recognized and referred by the top yoga institutions worldwide. We deliver a superior level of training, mentorship and ongoing support that infuses your training into your life, well beyond our studio walls.

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