Mythology and Mantra in Yoga by Semperviva Yoga Teacher Sarah Cutfield

4 Reasons Mythology Matters

By Sarah Cutfield @madeoflightandsound

Mythology and Mantra are part of the fabric of yoga. Here are 4 reasons mythology matters:

  1. Communication…Stories are our mirror. They record and define who we are – how and why we have fought, loved, ached, failed, toiled, searched + transcended. We are our stories. ✨
  2.  Connectivity…Stories bring us together. Whether it’s tucked in bed, huddled around a fire or seated in a theatre, we come together to share, to listen, to delight in heroes, weep over losses, and unite against foes.✨
  3. Creativity…Stories inspire expression. We flex our imaginations and all things are possible. ✨
  4. Consciousness… Stories expand our vision. They let us contemplate our connection to ourselves, question our place in the universe and cultivate our connection to what we believe in. ✨

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