100 Classes In 45 Days. Supporting Crohn’s And Colitis Research

By Trevor Westerlund

Growing up I suffered from ulcerative colitis and was allergic to all medicines prescribed. Luckily
Yoga found me; the stretching and compressing of my digestive track that came with the asana
practice quickly relieved the symptoms associated with the disease. Since, I have been hooked
and recently decided I wanted to take on a Yoga challenge that would push my limits a little,
while raising funds for a good cause. I was just one of many of my friends and family who are
dealing with the different stages of this disease, so choosing the Crohn’s and Colitis Research
Foundation was a no brainer. This was my plan: complete 100 classes in 45 days and get each
class sponsored.

I put my plan into action, opening up to my friends and instructors at the two studios Semperviva
and Kushala Yoga. I received mixed reactions, most positive, some concerned. Once I had
opened my big mouth, I realized I was going to have to follow through! Taking on this challenge
was also about living by example: I have a 9 to 5 job and wanted to show others that despite what
they think, time can be found every day for your practice.

I started off slow, but by week two I was participating in 4-6 classes a day: 3 in a row, a break
and then 3 more. The staff and instructors were incredibly supportive. From Gloria and Bev’s
shout outs in class, to the Yoga Advisors allowing me to take a nap in an empty studio in between
classes, and my pal Maiko joining me for a lot of my classes, I knew I was not alone in this
journey. Many were curious to see the effects of doing so much yoga, but to my surprise I felt
great. My knees hurt a little and chair pose became my nemesis, but for a 39 year old I think I
held up pretty well!

Trevor Westerlund. Photo by PureSouls Photography

I finished my original 100 class goal by day 35 and finished my entire challenge with 120 classes
total! My favorite take away of any challenge is discovering those teachers and classes I may not
have found otherwise. This time it was Peter and Kim’s Sunday morning at the Kits Beach studio,
a great addition to my regular Cam, Bernie, Dan and Wes classes. This challenge also became
about engaging with new friends that hit their mats everyday beside me; out to enrich their own
lives and in return create a better life for those around them, now how great is that?

As Yogi’s we are lucky that we will know no strangers, just those whom we have yet connected
with. Thank you to those who donated and to those who supported me along the way. I thank you
my kula for connecting with me, with all my heart, Namaste.

By Trevor Westerlund

Trevor has been a member of the Semperviva community for the past 2 years. He has
immersed himself in classes, workshops, has completed his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
and is currently working on his 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training. We are inspired by Trevor’s
commitment and grateful to have had the opportunity to support Trevor in this impressive
challenge. Congratulations on exceeding your personal goal Trevor, we are so proud!



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