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    Mindfulness of Emotion – Free to Thrive

    with Debora de Napoli

    March 7th

    Regulating our emotions through yoga, movement and education.

    We all experience anxiety and depression at some point in our lives and some of us live with this regularly. Often with the support of new understanding, and learning tangible tools and strategies, we can lift the weight and begin to thrive. Not just cope.

  • Weekend Workshops with Janet Stone

    February 28th - March 1st

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    Free Yoga Teacher Training Info Session

    March 28th

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    Come and experience “a day in the life” of Semperviva’s Internationally recognized yoga teacher training.

    We’ll kick things off with a yoga class before talking about the components that make this course a transformational journey.

    This “sampler class” is open to everyone with a desire to deepen their understanding of the power of yoga.

  • Yoga and the Reach of Prana with Miguel Lopez de Lara

    March 28th

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    Loving Touch (Infant Massage) with Brenlie Nagy

    March 10th

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    Loving touch, (Infant Massage), is such a powerful and beautiful way to connect with your baby. While nourishing the precious bond between you and your new baby, learn specific techniques that have been proven to: increase circulation, build muscle tone, improve your baby’s immune system, reduce stress hormones, and improve your baby’s sleep and digestion. This workshop is specifically designed for parents and babies in their “fourth trimester” (the first 3 months postpartum)

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