Retreat Testimonials

Only a couple of months had passed since I had taken up yoga when I considered going on the Semperviva yoga retreat on Galiano. I haven’t been on many “retreats” and wondered what it would be like. Well, in a word, it was fantastic. The weekend had an awesome vibe and everyone really clicked. It was a great mix of food, hiking, relaxation, talk, brilliant weather, and yoga of course! The Semperviva crew are the best: they really made everyone feel welcome, took great care of us, and hung out with us too. I will definitely go again and will recommend it without hesitation to others.

— Daryl

Our experience at the retreat on the island of Kythira in Greece was extraordinary and far beyond our expectations. From the warmth of the sun and caring people our days were filled with culture, history and sunset yoga which is incomparable to any other experience we’ve had. My mom, sister and I were made to feel so welcome and relaxed it was so hard to leave such a beautiful island. We can’t wait to go back! Thank you to Gloria, Scott and dear George for making our experience so memorable.

— Erin, Lanie, and Alix

Absolutely one of the most invigorating, enlightening, and rejuvenating trips I’ve ever taken! Gloria’s calm demeanor and warm presence makes you feel right at home! The yoga classes awaken your body and your mind, so you leave the trip feeling stronger in body yet lighter in spirit! I’d recommend this retreat to anyone considering taking it! Don’t second guess it, don’t think about it… just BOOK IT! I promise you won’t regret it!

— Elaine Iordanous

Yoga makes me feel great. Yoga on a Greek island is even better.

The June retreat was my second visit to Kythira, and once again it was an amazing experience. Our yoga classes were outside: the morning classes were held before breakfast; and at the end of the day, Gloria revived our energy levels with another Kundalini class. Our yoga home was the pretty village of Avlemonos on the east coast. The island’s history dates back 5000 years or more and Scott took us up and on and over hills to find remnants of by-gone eras. He knows so much about the island and his enthusiasm for the history is infectious. Scott led us on a swim through a rocky archway to the beach where heart-shaped stones can be found – it is said that Aphrodite came ashore here. We found the semperviva flowers growing on a rocky cliff, just out of arm’s reach.

Potamos, one of the larger villages, is home to the weekly market. Everyone on the island goes to the market, or so it seems. People shop, sit, chat and drink coffee in the midst of the vendors in the centre of the village. I was on the hunt for honey: possibly the best honey you will ever taste. Kythira bees feed on the island’s wild thyme to give the honey a distinctive and delicious flavour. Even the salt is special: the island residents gather their salt supply from the sea. In the hot months of July and August, they scrape the salt from the sea side rocks. I don’t think it’s my imagination when I state that this salt is delicious.

Each day was full of eating and laughing and doing yoga and tasting the wine and doing a little excavation to find pottery shards from a Minoan ruin, and finding remote beaches and of course taking part in the ritual of sipping a coffee whilst overlooking the shimmering sea. Oh and swimming, lots of swimming in the salty, clean, clear sea. The retreat was fun, relaxing and we were welcomed by everyone on the island as family. I so appreciate Gloria and Scott and their lovely daughters Tatiana and Gabriela for sharing this island paradise with us. Kythira is a beautiful, magical island. And the yoga was amazing.

— Lee Massey

It was just what the doctor ordered! New friends and long lasting memories has given this little Greek island a special place in my heart. To Gloria’s entire family and of course George thank you soooo much for sharing this incredible journey! And for those of you reading this… What are you waiting for?!

— Catherine Avard

The yoga retreat in Greece has given us memories to last a lifetime. We expected the yoga to be fantastic, and it was. Thank you Gloria, for transforming our yoga experience through two wonderful outdoor sessions each day. What we didn’t expect was the fascinations that awaited us on Kythira: the gorgeous beaches, with water a heartbreaking turquoise blue; the history – steeped surroundings – from Minoan tombs, to Byzantine churches and Venetian castles; and the warm, friendly, locals, who welcomed us like family.

Thank you Scott for your excellent guiding. You gave us the opportunity to really see and understand the island, and we are grateful for what we had the chance to experience.

— Karen R. Dickson

Having never travelled on a planned group holiday before, I wasn’t sure if it would be “for me”. But Semperviva’s yoga retreat on the magnificent Greek Island of Kythira was the perfect blend of coordinated tours and free time to explore. Each day I awoke in awe; to the sun flaming against the cliffs; a cappuccino and fresh fruit plate at my door; and an intoxicating yoga class to offer strength and serenity to the day of exploring that lay ahead.

With open arms and beaming faces, Semperviva shared the history and beauty of Kythira with us through excursions and activities before letting us play on any of the many stunning beaches. It was the perfect place to renew and recharge a passion for life and language; culture and community – and sharing such joy with new friends was better than anything.

— Jennifer Cowie

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