Yoga Holidays and Retreats

Semperviva™ Yoga Holidays are the ideal way to refresh your body, mind and spirit. Escape and find tranquility. Some of our favourite destinations are as near as the Gulf Islands and as exotic as the Greek Islands.

Our retreat settings are places that hold deep meaning for us because of their connection to nature, and local cultures and traditions. Our destinations offer you group intimacy in tranquil settings, and immaculate accommodations. Our yoga holidays are ideal for couples, friends and those traveling alone (non-yoga partners and friends are also welcome).

All yoga holidays include two yoga classes daily, guided hikes, and lots of free time to explore, connect with nature, feast on sumptuous organic foods, make new friends, and relax deeply. Come home from your holiday feeling refreshed and renewed!


Tulum, Mexico

The Ultimate Cleanse Retreat

This retreat is designed to be an in depth experience of yoga and self discovery combined with holiday time. The Ultimate Cleanse Retreat allows you to release everything that holds you back physically, mentally and emotionally. Combine the magnificence of nature with the power of yoga to create new beginnings and lasting changes in your life. Soak up the sun, explore Mayan ruins, book a spa treatment, walk the beach, restore yourself.

Date March 14th-21st, 2015
Or check out our week long Healing the Heart Retreat in Tulum Mexico, November 7th-13th, 2014
Cost $2,395.00 + TAX for regular casita

$2,195.00 + TAX for shared casita
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Kythira Island, Greece

Join us for a transformational Greece Yoga Retreat on the magical island of Kythira Greece; pure Mediterranean bliss.

Your days on Semperviva’s Greece Yoga Retreat will be filled with two yoga classes per day, group excursions, sunbathing and swimming in the Mediterranean, and extraordinarily fresh foods, all on an island of majestic beauty. This is a holiday you’ll never forget.

Date July 21st-27th, 2014
Cost $1,995.00 + TAX
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Galiano Island, BC

Galiano Island, BC

Rejuvenate your body and unburden your mind with a weekend of yoga, hiking, meditation, and fantastic vegetarian meals on Galiano, the jewel of the Gulf Islands.

Yoga retreat classes will include Hatha flows, Yin yoga, and powerful Kundalini sets to cleanse and renew yourself.

Dates May 1st-3rd, 2015

Oct 2nd-4th, 2015
Cost $445.00 + TAX (based on triple occupancy in spacious three bedroom cabins)
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