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What brought you to Yoga? Kristina: I was looking for a change from my usual fitness/step classes and have always […]


What brought you to Yoga? I was curious.  Then explored it deeper as I started to feel an emotional release […]


What brought you to Yoga? My first book on practising yoga was Iyengar’s Light on Yoga in 1973. I was […]


What brought you to Yoga? A major life change brought me to yoga.  I had just gone through a separation and […]


The art of eating in harmony with nature is one of many strategies to heal your body and mind with […]


What brought you to Yoga? My best friend, she gave me monthly pass for Christmas and that’s how I started my […]


What brought you to Yoga? About 10 years ago, my husband encouraged me to try it and after enrolling in […]


What brought you to yoga? Nothing noble. Pure vanity. How long have you been practicing? I used to practice Bikrams […]


How long have you been practicing? Almost four years. What keeps you practicing Yoga? In many ways it is as […]


We caught up with Emily Bisbee after she completed her 200hr YTT training to see how it went, and here’s […]


What brought you to Yoga? I was 17, dancing full-time and we had a yoga and meditation class as part […]

Marx J talks about his experience at Semperviva Yoga

What brought you to Yoga? My friend suggested me to try yoga few years ago.  I was also curious to […]

Hear from Semperviva Yoga Family Lauris D

* Lauris was a deeply loved member of our community. I am very sorry to have to share her sudden passing […]


Farmers Market Spring Salad: (3-4 portions) Preparation and cooking time: 15-20 minutes Here is another simple recipe.  I invite you to […]


We caught up with the lovely Emily Bisbee to chat with her about starting the 200hr yoga teacher training with […]

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash with Endive, Arugula and Apple Salad (3-4 portions) Preparation and cooking time: 1 hour and 10 minutes (includes […]


This is one of my favourite soup recipes as it brings Vata dosha all it needs to be in peace. […]

Blog Banner Gloria

In one word, what does yoga mean to you? Lifeline Why do you love to teach? It’s too good not […]


In one word, what does yoga mean to you? Peace. In five words or less, why do you love to […]


It’s my dosha season, Pitta. From July to October the element of transformation is at play. The qualities of summer […]