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This is one of my favourite soup recipes as it brings Vata dosha all it needs to be in peace. […]

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In one word, what does yoga mean to you? Lifeline Why do you love to teach? It’s too good not […]


In one word, what does yoga mean to you? Peace. In five words or less, why do you love to […]


It’s my dosha season, Pitta. From July to October the element of transformation is at play. The qualities of summer […]


In a first session of working with someone around food, eating and weight loss, it is not uncommon for me to hear: I just need a diet I can stick to; Give me a meal plan I can follow; Tell me what to eat and I will eat it.  When […]


How do we nurture our own hearts when there’s so much to do? If you’re like me, you have a […]


1. Attributing a great experience to the teacher.   Yoga is an ancient science that is designed to connect me to Love, Unity and Myself. Of course, there […]


Have you fallen off the resolution bandwagon? A lot of studies show that we give up our new years resolutions before the end […]


You may disagree but here it is my list of the top 10 online yoga resources of 2014: My Yoga […]


Not another blog about gratitude. The word gratitude gets played, like Christmas songs in December. It feels like it’s lost its true meaning.  […]


The 5 Yamas are ethical codes and are considered the first of 8 limbs of yoga. (Asana is the 3rd […]


Yoga Teacher Training is a big decision. A HUGE decision. Some folks take their time, planning carefully for months (sometimes […]


Fall is Vata season. Vata is one of 3 doshas or attributes in Ayurveda that influence your lifestyle. Ayurveda is […]


Originally from the Zen Buddhists, the concept of “beginner’s mind” refers to an empty mind, free from past experiences. Physically, […]


I just went back and re-read all my ‘reel’ world blogs and I have to say I’m disappointed. So, to […]


What do Mother Teresa and Caroline Myss have in common with my everyday life? Mother Teresa said: “Kind words can […]


I often find myself marveling at the self-confidence displayed in the film industry. Perhaps that’s too diplomatic a way of […]


The desire and intention to change eating habits usually starts on a positive note. We are motivated, enthusiastic and ready […]


“L’Amour est la plus universelle, la plus formidable et la plus mystérieuse des énergies cosmiques.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin […]