evelynzotou-croppedl was lucky enough to attend the 200hr TT in Kythera Greece this summer. Almost a month after this amazing experience, everyone kept asking me the same three questions: If I had recently botox done, since my face looks more relaxed and shined then ever! If I found a boyfriend or was in love since my smile is bigger then ever!
If I lost fat/gained muscles, because my body was in the best shape being both stronger and more toned than ever! (Quite a paradox if you consider that I am fitness instructor “living” in my own gym all the time). The answer to all 3 question is No and Yes at the same time!
No, I havn’t done botox. Yes, my face looks smoother and shine from within.
No, I didn’t find a boyfriend (the truth is I had my own Channing Tantum at home so that rules out that question). Yes, I am in love with my husband (still after 26 years), with my family, my friends, my job, my life, and this love makes me happy every day.
No, I didn’t loose fat, I just let go of everything I don’t need. Yes, I am stronger now. Stronger than I thought.
Yes, after my YTT I am a brand new me!
Is this a “yoga effect”? It could be, but you see I have been teaching yoga since 2000. Is it the Greek atmosphere? It could be, but I’ve lived in Greece all my life.
So what is the cause of it?
Well, Kytherian aura is something else even for a Greek girl like me. This was an important factor for sure!
But there was also the great classes (Ara’s methodology, Gloria’s energy, Cameron’s inspiration), the adventures, the boat trip, the dances, the songs, the amazing group – all together created this magic. What a month!
I would strongly suggest this life experience to everyone. If you are interested in a “deeper journey” in yoga, register today for 200-hour teacher training and you’ll be back in Kythera again and again!
As for me, thousands of miles away from Vancouver, Semperviva Yoga will be part of my life forever. I am grateful for this gift every day, I keep smiling, and I know, in one way or another, I ‘ll be back in Kythera again!

— Evenlyn Zotou

Thank you for the profound experience by the sea in Kythira. The week struck the perfect balance between the transformational work of the kundalini and exploring beautiful towns and beaches with new friends. I will always feel Aphrodite rising from the sea when I think of this powerful experience. You have a tremendous gift!

— Moyra Van Nus

Saying that going to Kythira, and doing the YTT with Semperviva was life changing, would be an understatement. Not only do you receive thoughtful, comprehensive yoga teacher training, you learn so much about yourself and who you are. It’s truly been a blessing to have this experience, and the most profound aspect is undoubtedly the incredible, like-minded, immensely kind people you’re able to connect with. Not only am I confident yoga teacher; I’m a better person with a new found sense of community and union. I would wholeheartedly recommend Semperviva YTT to anybody who is considering yoga teacher training.

— Ashley Jestin

The attention to detail in Semperviva’s yoga teacher training and the different teachers we learned from were excellent. I particularly enjoyed the classes on yoga theory and history. It was an engaging environment in which thoughtful questions were encouraged, and regular yoga classes and detailed pose reviews ensured I finished the program with the essential foundations of a healthy, safe and balanced yoga practice – for myself and for those I will teach.

— Linda Low

On a blue-skyed, sunny day in July, in an ocean cottage-community on the Washington side of the Canadian-US border, I took the mat at the head of the studio to teach yoga for the very first time. The day was perfect, the setting picturesque. The universe has a way of setting things just as they should be. This day was no exception. Most who know me know this: I am not a “Joiner.” “Joiner”, as defined by me, is a perky, über-enthusiastic, let’s-all-hold-hands-and-sing-and-be-friends camp counsellor sort. Not me. I tend keep things narrow: I have never played team sports, I have one child, I am self-employed and work alone. An introvert, I keep a small cadre of family and friends very close, and that is enough. So, How, or more importantly, Why, did I end up in a class of 42 spandex-clad yogis, who spent 200 hours together breathing, moving, sweating, laughing, touching, talking and sharing, in the hopes of becoming yoga teachers? I was drawn to yoga as an exercise program. I studied eastern philosophy in University and maintained a casual interest over the years, but physical fitness prompted my yoga journey, not intellectual nor spiritual inquiry. After years of practicing the asanas, I knew there was more to yoga and wanted to go there. Teaching appealed to me, and this spring the stars aligned, my family commitments fell into place, and the time was right. I chose Semperviva because of the part-time schedule; because, from my regular practice, I was familiar with the faculty and I knew that I would get skilled instruction; and because, after exploring many other options, the Semperviva program was simply the best fit. Are you familiar with the saying “Be careful what you wish for”? It sums up my angst-ridden state the moment I learned my application was accepted. “I am too old, too out of shape, too conservative, too ‘not yoga-y enough’; I am not vegan; I don’t chant; I can’t stand on my head; I will be out of place.” These were the tapes looping in my head until the moment class started. But the non-refundable deposit was paid, so I decided to join in… What I hadn’t yet learned, the singular most important lesson from YTT for me, is this: There is no ‘out of place’ in yoga. There is no ‘too’ anything. Who you are, what you are, where you are, is enough. All are welcome. Yoga is about Sanga – Community. It is about acceptance. A certain amount of ‘joining’ is prerequisite, but once you leap, the rewards are tenfold. Semperviva, as a studio for practice or a school for learning, has created a Sanga like no other. I have learned that life imitates lessons from the mat. I merely mentioned to the owner of that quaint, ocean-side studio that I had completed YTT when she instantly offered me her space, just to “Support me in my teaching journey”. YTT has taught me that the more you open yourself to the world, the more the world opens for you, and the community expands. Ram Das said, “We are all just walking each other home.” Together. There is no better group of people to be walking home with than the Semperviva community, my fellow YTT graduates, and the friends and family who support everything I do.

— Christie

Doing my teacher training in Greece was one of the most life changing experiences of my life. Being guided by people who were ‘taking the path they were meant to’, was inspiring and fulfilling. Being on the ancient and beautiful island of Kythira was the perfect setting. It wraps itself around you and sings to the soul. My experience there was transformative! Thank you to all who made it possible.

— Monica

margarite-paul-croppedHello Dear Yogi,
If you are reading this, some part of you already knows that yoga teacher training is the next right step for you. If your yappy mind comes up with a thousand reasons why you can’t go do your YTT in Kithera (mine included things like “I’m too old, I’m too busy, I’m too big etc…”), I would suggest that you let that bastard inner sock puppet run on while you step up and into an experience that will change everything. During the training, we joked about how there should be a waiver for anyone going to Kithira, acknowledging that this teacher training in this place with these people will very likely open up a new world that dismantles your old one. But don’t worry, it won’t wreck the good you’ve got, that stuff will just shine bigger and brighter. But the things that make you feel fear and doubt and angst, those habits of mind and body that keep you unwell, after being in the Kithera yoga community, they just don’t make sense anymore. Since coming home, I can see enormous change in how I am in this world and the people around me are seeing and feeling it too. I have made friendships that I couldn’t have thought possible and each new yogi in my life is taking huge strides towards the creation of their own happiness.

Thinking about yoga teacher training in Kithira? I could not imagine a better thing to do for yourself and the people and world around you. Please go, I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it will be the right thing to do.

— Margarite Paul

I did my Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva in 2008.

I approached Yoga Outreach and they assigned me a position in a first stage recovery home for women, working mostly with drug addiction. Out of all the teaching I do , it is really the most rewarding class I teach.

Each week i go in , i see such a change in the women. and a lightness that yoga is bringing to their lives and that is what inspires me.

Yoga can bring a lot to anyone going through an addiction recovery process.

I think what I got from Semperviva is to always try to be the very best teacher that I can be.

t think its the best studio in the city and I’ve studied in lots of studios all over North America.

I received such fantastic support. They have the best teachers, and the best workshops.

i really, really recommend to anybody who is considering a teacher training that Semperviva is the place you start.

— Sandie Schultz

I feel nostalgic because you develop a very close bond with the teachers and the group, but I feel really confident in what they’ve taught us.

I feel i can go out there and represent myself and yoga through my heart and with the knowledge that I’ve gained.

It feels like I’m on the right path, exactly where I’m supposed to be.

— Betsy Johnston

I did the 9 week program here in Vancouver.

Some of the things I loved about the program were:

I love the group dynamic, I likes that we felt a sense of were all in this together and learning at the same pace.

Probably the best thing about the Teacher Training is all the practice teaching, where you get to apply the skills that you’ve been learning and really develop as an instructor.

I’m excited to go out there and teach.

— Laura Struve

I loved Yoga Teacher Training. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I would encourage anyone feeling drawn to do it to absolutely go for it.

I plan on teaching and I’m excited to teach but even if I didn’t teach a single class after this course it would have been completely worth it.

The nice thing is that you get the chance to explore a lot of different styles but its really given me motivation to go further and go deeper in my educational training as a yoga instructor. I’d like to continue my studies with Vinyasa and Kundalini. It’s been great!

It’s enriched my own practice and I can’t say enough good things about it. I really loved it!


— Marianne Mandrusiak

I heard of the Semperviva YTT program from my aunt, Christine, who had taken her Yin training with Bernie Clark. I was an avid practitioner and wanted to deepen my own understanding, and craved the ability to share Yoga with others. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have travelled across the planet to Kythira with Gloria, Ara and Cam and packed my body and mind full of the fundamentals. I learned not only about the Asanas of Yoga, but about the Yamas, Niyamas, Sutras and so many other facets of Yoga that I had never even considered to have existed before! My own practice has developed and grown ever since I left that incredible island. My only regret is that I left a part of my soul there, and know that one day I will need to return for a visit.

— Rachel Liley

Teacher Immersion…
but you say “I am already teaching is that not immersing myself?”
Last year when the Teacher Immersion for Professional and Personal Development was offered, I jumped at the chance to join the program led by Cameron Gilley.
While teaching was very rewarding and the yoga community loving and caring, there was a distinct lack of chances to really get together with other yogis and explore ideas, experiences and issues that were visiting us all on our journeys. Here was the chance to share and reconnect to the heart of why I and others had become teachers.

So, together we came, new teachers, seasoned teachers, old and young. Some, feeling a disconnect with their love of the practice and the reality of teaching to make a living, others looking for ways to shift their practice or find new ways to help students that were a challenge for them. All of us with a different reason for being there but as seems to happen in yoga, all of us with similar purpose.

Cameron, with his usual openhearted approach and intellectual curiosity, led and accompanied us on the journey. It was a wonderful trip of open discussion, exercises, movement and learning. It took very little time to realize, that despite our initial belief that we were all there for our own reasons, the underlying truth was we all had one very specific purpose, which was to connect. Friendships were reignited and new bonds created, but more than anything I was and we were reminded that we all must take the time to do this, come together whenever and however we can. This is how we continue to grow.

Whether you are just looking to spend time with other teachers, need to find fixes for the language you use when teaching or maybe figure out how to run your teaching as a business, this is your chance.
I cannot think of a better guide than Cameron. His many years of experience coupled with his love of learning, was the perfect complement to our journey of discovery. I am happier than I can express that I took the time to do the program and every time I come together with the others who were there with me it feels like only days have gone by since and the hugs and joy are instant.

I encourage you all to take the time out of your busy schedules to reconnect to the reason your heart brought you to yoga. I just might see you there :)

Beverly Akhurst, ERYT 200

— Beverly Akhurst

Marianne, Betsy and Laura talk about Semperviva 200 Hour, 2012 – Watch their video testimonial.

— Marianne, Betsy and Laura

Kythera is the perfect place for yoga teacher training. The island gives you a sense of peace, takes you away from everyday obstacles/interruptions, time with 3 amazing teachers in a one-on-one environment (kinda priceless). I took the course for my own personal advancement and I think I walked away from this experience with more than just a 200- hour yoga teacher certificate. I made great friends, experienced a magical Greek Island and was reminded about the important aspects of MY life. It’s a great experience for everyone.

— Syma Shaheen

Yoga Teacher Training on the island of Kythira has been one of the richest experiences of my life. The island offers a learning atmosphere like no other. Morning class overlooking the Mediterranean, theory outdoors in sun or shade, free time to swim or explore the island and later an evening class with amazing dinner choices in the local town of Avlemonas to follow.
Every day was a gift to spend with great teachers, students and locals surrounded by the natural beauty of the island. I am so grateful for the time I spent on Kythira. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to teach or deepen their yoga practice. I am already planning my next visit back!

— Nikki Vandeursen

Your hard work, passion, depth of experience and generosity made this Kids Yoga TEacher Training course truly incredible, miles beyond what I had hoped for. I loved participating in a variety of yoga classes as though we were children ourselves, allowing us to understand the similarities and differences inherent in classes for preschoolers all the way through to teens. The manual was thorough and referenced so many further resources to look into, and I appreciate your generosity in sharing so many lesson plans and ideas. You smiled each and every day and many times a day, and were so encouraging yet so grounded in reality. Thank-you!

— Roxoliana Prus, Nelson, BC

The Kids Yoga Teacher Teacher Training was amazing. You put together a very thorough course that carefully discussed child development, activity level considerations, sequencing and class structure which would be appropriate for the various children’s age groups. The opportunity to learn from you teaching us as children, to gain experience practice teaching through the course, and learning from each other’s experiences were all great ways to instill the knowledge and skills you were sharing with us. The manual too is a fabulous resource. Thank you so much for offering such a fantastic course!

— Amanda Plante, Saskatoon

I highly recommend the Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva Yoga Studios, which has an open and friendly atmosphere with great teachers. By studying the unfamiliar vocabulary of Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark’s book, in advance as preparation, I was able understand most of the lecture during the course. It was also very supportive and appreciated that we had a Japanese assistant, Maiko Kurata, in the class with whom we could always go to with questions. Thank you to the great teachers, assistant, and all the supporters at Semperviva!

— Mikiko Yatabe

This summer I completed Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark at Semperviva Yoga Studios. The prior information about the class schedule and program contents in Japanese from Maiko, a Japanese Yoga instructor at Semperviva, really helped me prepare for the program. Before training had started I was so nervous because English is my second language. However, all of Maiko’s support during the program eliminated my concerns and I recognize how valuable her help was to me. I was able to make my dream come true. I hope I’ll be back there someday soon.

— Takako Nakazato

Before deciding to enroll in Yin Yoga Teacher Training, I was hesitant because English is my second language and I was not sure how much I would understand. But in the end, I was so happy to take this course!! Semperviva staff are really supportive, also Maiko who is a Japanese yoga instructor at Semperviva has really helped me in many ways. As I have read before, yoga is not only spoken in some languages. It comes from the heart and there are many ways to feel it, and understand it. I would like to say thank you to Bernie Clark and Diana Batts, who led this wonderful journey, all of the co-trainees, Semperviva Yoga Studios and Maiko.

— Megumi Kudo

Semperviva has been a sanctuary of healing and wellbeing for me over the years. Taking the yoga teacher training in this nuturing environment has helped me to come into my core strength physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve come away from the training with a strong understanding of the asanas and how to practically apply them for myself and with teaching others.

— Katyanna Gabriel

Deciding to take Semperviva’s yoga teacher training course was the best decision I’ve ever made. It changed my life. My life is better, and will be better forever, because of the time spent with Gloria, Kari, Cam, the other teachers-in-training, and the yogis we were lucky enough to meet during the course. If you’re considering taking yoga teacher training, I wholeheartedly recommend Semperviva’s. Namaste.

— Lindsey

Semperviva’s teacher training turned out to be the best thing I ever did for myself. It gave me strength, insight and courage to accomplish my goals. My teachers were generous and kind. They gave me the tools to start my teaching career, the understanding that I will always be a student, and the gift of a daily practice.

— Heather Hanrahan

Maggie provided a very non-intimidating, comfortable and educational session. I have tried two other beginners yoga classes before Maggie’s to try out yoga, and frankly they were intimidating, not informative and I wasn’t able to enjoy or obtain much benefit. Maggie’s class was great, inspiring and motivating… Looking forward to more yoga at Semperviva!

— Megan L. Berntt

My Yoga Instructor experience at Semperviva was powerful and transformative. Semperviva’s atmosphere holds a brilliant balance of a nurturing community, and a springboard for personal growth and excellence. My training was an excellent balance of asana, mediation, pranayama, philosophy and self discovery. As the mother of a toddler, I was concerned about how I could complete my yoga training while caring for my family. I was surprised how easy is was to work the instructor schedule into my life. I was busy and immersed in yoga, but also had time to share with my loved ones.

I was inspired and motivated by the core trainers, and continually awed by the guest yogis brought in for weekend retreats. I appreciated our working with several branches of yoga practice, including Hatha, Kundalini, and Ashtanga. I am now teaching Hatha yoga in Vancouver, however I continue to enjoy being a part of the Semperviva community. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to complete their 200 hour training program. You will not be disappointed!

— Jay Suttonbrown

The teacher training at Semperviva gave me a broader and deeper understanding of what yoga is all about. The opportunity to try many different styles of yoga and attend high quality workshops was a real plus with this program. Gloria and the other teachers work you hard but always with a friendly smile. I would be happy to recommend this course to other people.

— Abraham Passmore

Inspired byenergetic experienced teachers and supported by fellow yogis, I really enjoyed learning with Semperviva. English is the second language for me, but yoga is more than language, and it’s not just asanas. It comes from our heart, body and spirit. This course proved it to me.

— Kyoko Ono

Taking the Semperviva™ 200hr teacher training program was a wonderful experience and fantastic first step to a greater understanding of it’s history, styles and modern day takes on them. An invaluable experience for anyone wishing to learn about their personal practice and more. Several of my friends are already sigining up for the next training session! Thanks Gloria, Kari and Cameron and everyone at Semperviva!

— Sarah Murray

Semperviva has impeccable integrity and an awesome assembly of caliber teachers. Throughout the Teacher’s Training students have access to a full range of yoga classes as well as attendance to workshops from world-wide respected teachers. The curriculum is well rounded. Semperviva supports all yoga experience levels of students. I left the course with great resource material and a wonderful all round experience. Thank you!

— Tanis Mager

The yoga teacher training at Semperviva was more than a theoretical and practical approach to yoga. It was completely experiential! Gloria, Kari and Cameron taught the essentials of asanas, pranayama, anatomy and physiology but also encouraged us to explore our own beliefs, thoughts and outlook through our weekly homework assignments. From the very beginning of the course we were “teaching” whether it was to the entire class or a partner. This hands on experience has proved invaluable as it gave me the confidence and the skills to share the practice of yoga with others.

What sets Semperviva apart is the special guest weekend workshops. So much inspiration and knowledge was derived from these wonderful yogis. I felt so fortunate to have this as part of my yoga teacher training. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Semperviva as an amazing place to begin or continue your yoga journey.

— Kathryn Mandelcorn

The 200 hour training at Semperviva was a life changing experience. The experience, knowledge, generosity and enthusiasum of Gloria, Kari and Cameron made it a first class experience. They encouraged us to go within and explore yoga for ourselves along with giving us the technical, historical and philosophy behind yoga practice. This training has brought me closer to my dream and given me the confidence to pursue that dream wholeheartedly. I will always appreciate what you gave us in that 2 months and look back on the experience with much fondness. Thanks!

— Shannon Brundrett

I got more from the course then I thought possible. Teresa and Ara took it from a fear based style of teaching (what you shouldn’t do) to a positive space of celebrating what pregnant women can do. I know my fellow women felt the same. We left feeling empowered and equipped.

— Marci Martin

200hr Teacher Training — amazing — sums it up — I love the way the teachers at Semperviva™ make you feel like you are already there, you are already a yoga teacher. There is so much support and love coming from everyone, teachers and fellow students. You will learn endless amounts of information and also a new beautiful way to experience the world around you. I would highly recommend The Teacher Training @ Semperviva! Namaste.

— Jessa Castonguay

The intensive teacher training at Semperviva not only opened doors to yoga teaching but opened my mind to a world of knowledge that has enriched my yoga practice and my day to day life. It was a transformational experience and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and awe at the generosity of course content. More and more and more learning experiences unfolded throughout the course: from a wealth of printed material to workshops with world — class teachers to incredible instruction from Semperviva’s own Gloria, Cameron, Rachel, Kari, Ara, Rebecca and Bernie. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in enriching their lives and awakening the teacher within. Thank you again!.

— Josanne

I took Semperviva’s Yoga Teacher Training course in the winter of 2009 and I am so grateful that I did. Gloria and the other talented teachers were so encouraging and knowledgeable. They were always available to answer any questions myself or the other students had, and I know it would be their greatest joy to see us all become successful yoga teachers. Coming away from the program, I feel completely empowered to continue my journey toward teaching yoga with strength, grace and integrity.

— Elan Cross

It is with great gratitude that I thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a Yoga Instructor. I have almost completed my second year of Yoga at Gladstone Secondary. The program grew to two blocks this year and there are 64 grade 11/12 students signed up for the 2009/2010 school year. I have attached our first school Yoga article which was sent home in our March newsletter with every student. As mentioned in the article, I am so proud of all my students and so very pleased to be part of such a meaningful, worthwhile course. Thank you for helping me give these students the experience of Yoga.

— Sandy Drummond

I enrolled in Semperviva Yoga Teacher Training from London, UK. I had never seen the studio or taken a class there but the course outline, the part time nature and the willingness to answer any of my questions led me to take the leap and enroll.

I never expected that the day after I completed the course I would start teaching — but that is exactly what happened! I have met life long friends and continue to develop personally and as a teacher from the tools I gained.

If you are passionate to teach or just want to deepen your understanding of your own Yoga Practice, this is a course that hands you the tools but allows you to be creative with the outcome, celebrating your individuality!

— Callie Gray

The 200 hr teacher training course at Semperviva is an experience like non other. Not only does it give you the tools to be able to teach yoga, but you also receive the tools to deal with “LIFE” For life is the real yoga. Throughout the course I was constantly learning about who I really am. I gained insight on what I want with my life, found compassion for myself and others, and have incredible tools to deal with stress and negative energy. I highly recommend experiencing the Semperviva teacher training. Even if you don’t plan to become a teacher, the benefits of it are life changing.

I am now a full time employee at Semperviva both working in the Store and teaching. I was so honored to be given my very own Kundalini class 3 months after i finished my teacher training. It has been such an incredible experience! I LOVE teaching! Thank you Gloria and Scott for creating such a magical place. Semperviva is not just a Yoga studio and supplement store – It’s a community, a sanctuary, a place of healing and a HOME to many.

— Angie Howell

Taking the Semperviva 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course was one of the most life changing experiences ever!!! Life seemed to be waiting for just the right time for me to get this show on the road and when I finally gave in and opened to the unknown, I was deeply immersed in the study and practice of becoming a yoga teacher; “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”; I was honored to have been surrounded by teachers and students who shared their knowledge and wisdom and helped us along this journey of self discovery and the tranformation from student to teacher… sharing the gift of yoga is so special and beautiful in so many ways… I am forever grateful! Thank you from the depths of my soul! Namaste.

— Vickie Petrescu

Before deciding to enroll in YTT, I was hesitant. At that time in my life I had developed a tendency to second guess my intuition and question my heart. Perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned on my journey during YTT was what becomes possible and what happens when I truly listen to myself. For as soon as I decided to follow my passion for yoga and what my heart was telling me, I signed up and since then I have not looked back.

The memories, the life lessons, and the people that YTT was composed of will forever be cherished. This program has enabled me to discover a deeper meaning of Balance within my Body, my Mind, and my Life. The Semperviva staff are exceptionally knowledgeable, supportive, and committed to helping every student on their individual journey. The course content is incredibly expansive and relevant for aspiring students and teachers alike. Every time a YTT session ended, I immediately wanted to go out and start sharing what I had learned.

Our class had the amazing opportunity to attend several Master Teacher workshops during our course. These workshops were both incredibly inspiring and educational. Being able to discuss our individual experiences with our classmates after these intensive weekends enabled me to even further my learning. I am so grateful that I decided to follow my desire to learn more about yoga and more about myself.

— Penelope Elliot

The Semperviva teacher training program is one of a kind. Not only are the core group of teachers, Gloria, Ara, Rebecca and Cameron, really strong, you also have the opportunity to experience workshops with world renowned master teachers. The Semperviva program is illuminating, challenging and enlightening. It taught me the potential for flexibility, willingness and evolution in my own yoga practice and in my teaching. I would and have recommended the program to anyone and everyone!

— Meredith

My life has been transformed by my yoga practice which began at Semperviva in 2006. YTT was a natural step in the evolution of my practice, enriching and deepening my relationship to it and myself enabling me to better weather the rough spaces and places of my life, with grace, humility, gratitude, and love. Semperviva’s YTT is delivered without pretension or dogma but rather with integrity, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and individual care, and doesn’t actually end with the course. It lives on in the genuine friendships and ongoing support from the Semperviva family. YTT could be the next best thing you do for yourself.

— Daryl Ayton Novak

I would like to think that it was fate that brought me to such a wonderful studio and to such a welcoming group of people. I applied for the Teacher Training program at Semperviva from Ontario, after stumbling upon the Semperviva website. I was immediately enticed by the colourful graphics, powerful statements, and most importantly, the part-time nature of the teacher training course. I loved that Semperviva, unlike other studios, understood that it was nearly impossible for me to take a month off from life to complete an intensive yoga teacher training. Although it was a big risk for me to enroll in the program without even stepping foot in one of the studios beforehand, I don’t regret my decision for one minute.

From the very first day, I was introduced to a variety of yoga styles and teachers that opened my world in so many ways. The staff at Semperviva are wonderfully passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about yoga. I was able to go to work by day and learn about the wonderful world of yoga by night. I was also fortunate enough to take part in challenging and inspirational workshops taught by world-renowned yogis, and sweat together with the lifelong friends I made along the way. I feel that I am coming away from the course not only with a firm foundation on how to teach yoga, but how yoga can teach me. As I continue to learn, grow, and evolve, I will always carry with me the knowledge and memories I have gained from Semperviva.

— Julia Lee

I highly recommend Semperviva’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. The structure and content of the program where immensely helpful, allowing me to deepen my practice and learn the techniques to share my knowledge with others. The teachers were so generous with their expertise and insights, and the environment was one of encouragement and support for everyone. I feel well prepared to join the yoga teacher community, and my personal practice has benefitted as well. Thank you to Gloria, Rebecca, Ara, and Cameron for making the experience so rich and enjoyable!

— Kim Bradshaw

Teacher training at Semperviva was my most exciting, fulfilling, and amazing hours of yoga. The workshops and the instruction were both so thorough and diverse. I would recommend the course in a second to anyone considering deepening their personal practice or interested in passing on the love of yoga through teaching others.

— Renee Turner

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