40 Day Yoga Challenge

Date April 25th, 2015 – June 3rd, 2015
Time Kick-off class: April 25th, 2015, 4:00pm-5:15pm
Location City Studio
Cost FREE with Unlimited Pass. Non members can register for our special 40 day membership at any of our four studio locations.
Contact 604.739.2009 or info@semperviva.com

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Important Dates

Kick Off Class

Saturday, April 25th, 4:00pm at City Studio
Let’s kick off 40 Days of Yoga! Join us for our Semperviva Signature All Styles Class and get acquainted with the various styles of yoga Semperviva offers. We’ll follow with an Open House serving healthy snacks. This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow challenge participants so that you can encourage each other along the way. You’ll be seeing a lot of each other!

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Midway Class

Thursday, May 14th, 8:45pm at City Studio
Let’s gets together, do yoga, exchange our experiences and cheer each other on. It’s wonderful to support each other, so come and celebrate the half way mark with us.

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Celebration Class

Wednesday, June 3rd, 8:45pm at City Studio
Let’s party! This will be our very last 40 Day Yoga Challenge class together as a group for this challenge. Celebrate your success and discover how many new friends you’ve made along the way.

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What is the 40 Day Challenge?

The 40 Day Challenge is a commitment to attend 40 (or more) yoga classes within 40 consecutive days. You are eligible to win the Grand Prize if you complete 40 or more classes at Semperviva Yoga in 40 consecutive days.

Why 40 days?

Yogic science confirms that it takes 40 days to fully develop a new life-promoting habit or to drop a current destructive habit. The Semperviva Yoga Challenge is a great way to strengthen the body, unburden the mind, and begin a daily commitment to yourself. In 40 days, you can create a whole new way of being.

Why should I take the Semperviva Yoga Challenge?

This is an opportunity to transform your life. Through this program, you will experience

  • increased strength
  • improved flexibility
  • possible weight loss
  • definite stress reduction
  • improved focus
  • a better body image
  • improved sleep patterns
  • improved eating habits

Transformation is just a few yoga classes away! This program will challenge your personal philosophy about your body and its abilities. It will teach you how to tap into the deepest resources of strength and vitality within you.

Helpful hints:

  • Daily journaling
  • Try different styles of yoga. We offer a tremendous range of styles of yoga. You can choose a class that is strong and athletic, or one that is more relaxed based on how you’re feeling
  • bring a friend or two along; support each other on the journey
  • make time for yourself

This is how it works:

  1. Register online using the links below, or at the front desk at any Semperviva location. Joining the Challenge is FREE but we like to know who’s on the team!
  2. Come to a Semperviva yoga class every day during the 40 Day Yoga Challenge.

If you are new to yoga, don’t worry. We will show you how to progress safely.

Your Chance To Win:

Complete 40 or more classes in 40 days and you’ll be entered for our draw to win one spot at the Semperviva Yoga Retreat on Galiano Island in October 2015.

Contest Rules and Regulations

I feel nostalgic because you develop a very close bond with the teachers and the group, but I feel really confident in what they’ve taught us. I feel i can go out there and represent myself and yoga through my …

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Visiting Master Teachers

Sianna Sherman Weekend Workshops

Sianna is well respected as a teacher of teachers and her mastery combines the knowledge of the traditional with contemporary wisdom. Sianna teaches a multifaceted approach based on integrative consciousness that combines hatha yoga, vinyasa, Tantra, yoga anatomy, therapeutics, mythology, mantra, meditation, wisdom lineages and the power of the practices for everyday transformation.

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March 27th-29th, 2015

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