Hips and Emotions – Notes On The 40 Day Yoga Challenge

From Erika Szombathy

On day 3, I didn’t end up making it to a yoga class, because I got so busy that I ran out of time, and missed all my chances. I decided to double up on day 4, and I have to admit, I felt a bit sore in the shoulders afterwards! I combined Callie’s Hatha yoga class, and Diana’s Yin yoga class. By coincidence, both classes focused on the opening of the hips, which turned out to be incredibly difficult for me. I had some very strong emotions coming up in the hip opening yoga poses and in Diana’s class, I had to come out of most of the postures and either do a variation, or a completely different pose all together.

Erika Szombathy - 40 Day Yoga Challenge at Semperviva Yoga Vancouver

I am fascinated by the idea that your hips hold most of your tension and emotion, and the fact that by opening them up in yoga, you can actually physically release some of that emotion. Yesterday was an extremely intense experience for me, because I had never had that happen before, though I’ve heard people talking about it. There seem to be a few things to release from my system!

The yoga challenge has been really great for me so far. My brother’s girlfriend and her sister decided to do join me for the 40 days of yoga, and it has been amazing having someone else to do it with – I think it has kept us all motivated. To be honest, I didn’t really feel like going one day, but they called me up and told me to meet them at the yoga studio, so I got ready and went! I highly recommend the buddy system to everyone! Namaste,
Erika Szombathy