Carolyn Anne Budgell-Semperviva Yoga Teacher

me3What I love about yoga:

It unveils the primary sensations of human beings – as vessels of love and fear. Yoga presents opportunities to work through feelings and to “Ground yourself, strip yourself down, To blind loving silence” (Rumi). I love hearing breath in my body and in those around me. I feel my service is done when all are breathing and creating space in body and mind. I take refuge knowing that asana, movement and stillness change daily and we can forever learn in the bodies we inhabit. And above all, I like remembering that it’s just a game- flowing through yoga classes, situations, relationships and that if we enjoy silly jokes and wide smiles, then we are living liberation.

I teach yoga because:

Yoga is the only thing in my life that I have never doubted. It always brings me home. And I love being home. So why would I keep that to myself? You are what you share.

I’m inspired by:

There are not enough words in the world. I’m inspired by the Light in all of us. I’m inspired by Mother Nature. I’m inspired by laughter. I’m inspired by the wind that blows through my hair. I’m inspired by the graceful asana masters that have taught me more than they can ever realize over the last decade. I’m inspired by situations that have broken me into a thousand pieces because falling apart is a great empty place to rebuild from. I’m inspired by the mountains that stand strong and steady. I’m inspired by delicious scents of Arabia, sweet melodies of France and everything in my kitchen.  I’m inspired by honesty. Yoga asana is an inspiring bonus.

My favourite yoga music:

What makes you shake your booty and shimmy your shoulders? That is your yoga music. For me, it’s soul music, acoustic guitar, classical piano, a little reggae, light hip hop….come to my class and feel for yourself.

Beautiful places to visit:

I have travelled far and near. I have practiced and studied with incredible teachers in Mexico, Paris, Seattle, California, Whistler, New York City and these places are dear to my heart. I have been elsewhere for less intensive holidays and love exploring new places as an anonymous, curious individual.

However, I really love cafes, bridges, book shops, trails with huggable trees, antique shops full of jars and baskets, yoga studios, ferry boat rides, bicycles, fresh air, a walk with a friend, ocean swims at sunset. I don’t need to travel far for that.

What I like to do in my spare time:

Practice yoga, practice sitting, talk about yoga, read about yoga, write about yoga. Make jokes. Find gratitude for my friends. Watch in awe as life happens.

My favourite quote:

Anything spoken by anyone who has the courage to speak up and speak their truth.